how we do it

initial sessions
Anything incredible always begins with a solid foundation. Our initial sessions allow us to get to know you and your company upside-down, inside-out, and back-to-front. We learn about your products, business activities, how they affect your consumers on both functional and emotional levels and their pros and cons. We learn about your target audience, your goals, and check out what your competitors are up to Together, we brainstorm how to best articulate the very essence of your brand and what your company is all about
Armed with the information gathered during our initial sessions, we begin to assemble the shell of our project. We provide a detailed ‘road map’ of how it will look, including how the different elements will function, and what weights each element will hold. Think of it like a blueprint of the final product. Utilizing our marketing smarts and expert design talents, together we create the start of something intelligent and exciting, specifically for your target audience.
Concept development
During this stage, we let our creative sides run wild. We create a complete, innovative visual concept and communicative design language based on the newly created brand strategy. This stage is bursting with creativity. The new concept and visual language conveys who you are as a company, and more importantly – who you want to become. It lays the foundation for the continuing brand building process and all of its components.
This is where all of our thoughts, planning and ideas finally come together. All pioneering marketing products created (online and offline) based on the new brand concept and design guidelines, are now ready to deliver your brand’s message into the big, wide media world!